Double Endoscopy, High Wycombe, healthcare project

"The new unit is well planned and rla have obviously taken our needs on board. It was a pleasure working with them and their ethos of excellent client service means we got the the facilities we deserve."

Pat OLoughlin, Endoscopy Unit Manager

Double Endoscopy, High Wycombe

The site selected for the new unit was an existing cardiology ward and space was certainly at a premium. The brief also called for the existing endoscopy unit to remain operational which resulted in a phased completion and handover. In addition to these restrictions, the site was also part of an existing ward complex which meant that M&E services had to undergo phased shutdowns, diversions and reconnections.


The completed unit has updated this vital service which provides support for patients from wards as well as a large number of outpatients. Feedback from the client's estate directorate indicated that users are impressed with the layout (given the undersized area) and that the project, as delivered, represents extremely high value for money. 

Value; £500,000

Duration; 16 weeks

Contract; Direct appointment

Procurement; Selective tender

Client; Buckinghamshire Hospital NHS Trust